Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DW002 The Born Liars 7" out now, you crazy person, you!

DW002 THE BORN LIARS 7" - "Don't Tell Me, I Know" b/w "I Don't Know". Born Liars are master songwriters and superior performers. "Don't Tell Me" is a fine example of their raucous rock and roll output. And check out their ripping version of Stevie Wonder's "I Don't Know". I've been singing their praises for years and am proud they asked me to release this. If you know who Wilko Johnson is just go ahead and plunk down your four bucks or whatever.

For this premier issue, I did a run of 300 on heavy weight vinyl (last of its kind, thank you petroleum prices). The cover is on cardstock and the short story by Eric Springer is pasted over a photo-collage of the band and printed onto glossy paper as an insert.

Available at:

Sound Exchange, Houston, Texas
Vinal Edge, Houston, Texas

Death Exclamations Mailorder

The Born Liars are in their element live so be sure to check them out this Saturday, November 8th at Rudyards. They will be opening for Mr. Lazy Cowgirl himself Pat Todd AND The Hickoids! Miss that and you can catch them at Noise and Smoke on NEXT Saturday the 15th.

Oh and if you haven't yet experienced the life-altering blogomania You Can't Be Metal and Be Comfortable lived and recorded by our very own superscribe, you best get over there and start living the life you know you deserve...

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