Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm a bad man - I shook up the world!

I keep meaning to write about films that photographers would love - either because they focus on photographers, they feature footage of cameras, or otherwise celebrate film. So let's make this Exhibit A:

In this case, I'm spotlighting "AKA Cassius Clay" which bathes most of its stock footage in an amber filter, giving the film as a whole a uniform glow. Lovers of boxing and film should definitely add this to their Netflix list. I'm both, and lucky for me it was featured this month on "On Demand For Free" on the old cable box...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Born Liars and Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders

One of my fave punk bands EV are playing Friday night at Rudyards with lord-save-me punk legend Pat Todd. I can't make it thankyouramonmedinaatsxsw but you should.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lincoln is the tall dude, in the back...

This is an article about a recently discovered photo of Abraham Lincoln. It's remarkable for a number of reasons not the least of which is that there are only 130 photographs of Lincoln known to exist. The article came out in this morning's wire. I'm adding this book, cited in the article, to my "want" list: "Lincoln in Photographs: An Album of Every Known Pose," by Charles Hamilton and Lloyd Ostendorf. [Aside: I LOVE books about process, the more detail laden the better and this is also a note to myself to post about the Weegee essay book I'm reading...]

My favorite part of the article is this quote by Keya Morgan, photographer and Lincoln geek: "Not knowing who the photographer is is like not knowing who your mother or father is". The photographer of this now famous photograph was named Henry F. Warren, we know because his seal was on the back.

I'm not sure about you but if my photographs leave the house I write my name on the back and put the word "proof" to lay witness to the fact that it's not meant to be the best print I could possibly make. You just never know, you know?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Live from SugarHill Studios

My friends Gina and Dan from SugarHill Studios were kind enough to ask that I be the permanent interviewer/announcer for their flegdling pod/videocast called Live From SugarHill. It happens live (naturally) the first Thursday of the month at 7pm Texas time. You can join the stream at - or -if you're really a glutton for punishment, you can view the video on Vimeo at OR you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Or you can punch in for all these details and more.

Tune in and watch catch my face-for-radio look as I interview artists I've mostly never heard of and try my best to sound like I know what a microphone is. Think an impish Terry Gross crossed with a daffier-still Martha Quinn and then you'll go "OOOOOhh...right, gotcha..."

Here's the press release muh-jig:

" SugarHill Recording Studios invites you into its legendary Studio A with it's newest radio venture, Live from SugarHill. This program uses web technologies that allow the audience to interact with the show while in progress. The show features live musical performances in the format of a normal recording session in Studio A. The hour-long program includes a short set by two guests and candid interviews with Rosa Guerrero (KTRU's Mutant Hardcore show) and award-winning producer Dan Workman. This 'within the scenes' context is what sets the show apart from other shows that have originated from recording studios. Our special guest and audience of one is Lou Congelio from Only in Houston and STANANDLOU.

Live from SugarHill, Episode III airs on March 5, 2009 at 7p.m. CST. This month's show features performances by Jennifer Grassman and MacAdams. Grassman is a classically-inspired, celtic, goth, singer/songwriter. Her unique style defies description. Jennifer will be performing tracks from her popular "At the Back of the North Wind" and her soon-to-be-released "Serpent Tales and Nightingales."

Prog rock power trio MacAdams will also rock the house with selections from their recently released CD and some new songs from an upcoming project.

The partnership between Zenfilm, Xprescom and SugarHill Recording Studios launched its first episode on December. Since it's inaugural broadcast it's received over 1,000 unique views and downloads.

The show is free and participants are invited to register online at It is also available for free download on the Live from SugarHill Vimeo channel here on March 7, or you can subscribe to the free video podcast on iTunes here.

WHAT: Live From SugarHill Episode III featuring Jennifer Grassman and MacAdams

WHEN: Thursday, March 5, 2009 7p.m. to 8p.m. CST. Register online at "

Misquotes: Rosa waxes poetic about wax...

Why does anyone even listen to me? Here are a couple of articles chronicling my travails as someone who wished she knew what she was talking about.

South Houston Mexican AND punk: Jimmy Sanchez of The Born Liars

The Born Liars Set Sail - Houston Press
by Chris Gray
Errata: Ditchwater Records did *not* release the LP, only the single. My buddy Cassidy of Cutthroat Records has the pleasure of unleashing The Born Liars' twelve inches.

Punk En Espanol - Houston Press
by David Ensminger
This one was a bit unfortunate, only because David's article was so truncated, and I ended up sounding like I said "What Mexicans?".

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Masking: A cautionary tale...

I thought I was being all clever, sneaking in a camera to the House of Blues last night. "If Chrissie Hynde sees a camera, she will stop the show right there!" the bouncer told us. That tall tale didn't daunt me one bit. I had a holga loaded up with Delta 3200 35mm film. Only one problem: I forgot to mask the back window, and the film fogged. Only one shot was arguably not COMPLETELY ruined.

You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that she looked and sounded magnificent!