Saturday, December 27, 2008

Controlling chemical temperature in your photolab/kitchen sink

I'm working on a little experiment. It's been a few days of wet, warm, dreary weather (for Christmas). It's been in the 70s with 100% humidity since the 23rd. Cooler weather will prevail later tonight, but my chemicals have been stewing on the kitchen counter and are clocking in tonight at 76 degrees fahrenheit.

Instead of playing with my frozen plastic cubes, I'm conducting this one-time experiment for all of us home developers living in balmy climes: How long will it take to reduce 32 oz. of liquid from 76 degrees down to 68 degrees (the temperature of my tap water at the moment) in the fridge (39 degrees)? Drum roll please...

After 36 minutes I re-checked my tap water and found it had gone up to just under 70 degrees at the same point at which my chemicals are reading just a hair over 70 degrees. Close enough! I'm going to start cooking!

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