Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Overblown: D76 at 9 1/2 minutes

I've been a bit lazy about carrying two cameras around my neck this season which I used to do it all the time. My modus operundi used to be to have my Nikon FA with a 20 or 24mm lens and a flash affixed around one shoulder. And on the other I'd have my Nikon F2 with a 50mm lens (sans flash). The reason I would do this is that I would push my non-flash film a stop or two, and process the strobe-lit film at-speed. But the cameras are so damn heavy! Plus it's hard to maneuver through a crowd without stabbing someone in the back with one of your protruding lenses. So it was with little (honestly) trepidation that I went up to the Gay Marriage show last month with one camera, two lenses, a flash, and a point-and-shoot.

Nikon FA, 50mm lens, F1.4, Tri-X 400, D76 at 9 1/2 minutes, scan of negative

That's Robert of the Assholes. It's a little contrasty, but I could fix it up in the darkroom easily if I wanted to.

Here is a scan of another frame of the same film strip. But this time I used a flash and a shorter lens with a larger f-stop (3.5, I believe).

This scan describes pretty vividly why *I* need to use two cameras if I want to use a flash and natural light. You may be able to discern that's Mikey of Gay Marriage. I turned the brightness way down in Photoshop and what I got left with was a really noisy image with really no redeeming characteristics. I wouldn't even attempt to print it in the darkroom.

For the record, Digital Truth recommends that the film be cooked for between 6.75 and 8 minutes to develop at-speed. At 9.5 minutes, I pushed the film (arguably) about one stop.

A note about chemistry: That was the last of my D76. I'll use it again in the future - it keeps well and it makes a fantastic backup. But I have a big order from Freestyle on the way: more Diafine, more Adox ATM49, and even some Rodinal which I've never used, plus a smattering of non-Tri-X film. This season is going to be about experimenting with chemistry - all the more reason to be consistent in the field.

This entry is a note to myself to not cry when I blow out film because I don't want neck-strain in the morning. Work harder! Do better!

Two cameras it is...sorry in advance if I poke you with my lens.

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Kid Charlemagne said...

Great pics none the less! Keep shootin'!