Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kodak Instamatic: The 1970s

My mother, born in 1939, was just a wide-eyed recent immigrant in the early 70's when me and my sister were toddlers. I look back on our photographs and marvel at her deftness as a completely untrained photographer. She had an uncanny eye for light and composition. As a illiterate (in the English language) my mother is a prime example of what Orion's teacher means when she says "the ability to read is not a sign of intelligence"...

What I find interesting in today's digital world, is the fact that there was a time when you had to decide whether you wanted black and white or color at the point of sale, when the consumer was buying the film.

Her two main cameras in the late 60s and 70s were a Kodak Instamtic and a polaroid. I'll have to scan some of her polaroids in the future.

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Kid Charlemagne said...

Love the washed color in the pics. My mother had a Kodak Retina that I now own that really took some wonderful photographs. She went to instamatics later because of the convenience factor. Enjoy your blog btw! Thanks for the note! Cheers!