Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lincoln is the tall dude, in the back...

This is an article about a recently discovered photo of Abraham Lincoln. It's remarkable for a number of reasons not the least of which is that there are only 130 photographs of Lincoln known to exist. The article came out in this morning's wire. I'm adding this book, cited in the article, to my "want" list: "Lincoln in Photographs: An Album of Every Known Pose," by Charles Hamilton and Lloyd Ostendorf. [Aside: I LOVE books about process, the more detail laden the better and this is also a note to myself to post about the Weegee essay book I'm reading...]

My favorite part of the article is this quote by Keya Morgan, photographer and Lincoln geek: "Not knowing who the photographer is is like not knowing who your mother or father is". The photographer of this now famous photograph was named Henry F. Warren, we know because his seal was on the back.

I'm not sure about you but if my photographs leave the house I write my name on the back and put the word "proof" to lay witness to the fact that it's not meant to be the best print I could possibly make. You just never know, you know?

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